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I've worked with Logarithmic for few years on many projects. I could not be more impressed with their professionalism, teamwork, communication and results. Their attention to detail, cost and project management is outstanding. They not only make my job easier, but they make me look good. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to supporting our initiatives, making them a true extension of my team and a very valued partner.

Ioana Irina

Global Marketing Operations - MarTech B2B, HP

Customer Success Stories

Redesigning the Eloqua Privacy Workflow in under 2 months

Challenges addressed

  • • Successfully honor each subscription status
  • • Collect and distribute downstream accurate privacy data
  • • Align the Privacy Workflow with the privacy team
  • • Diminish system outages
  • • Build solid debugging and troubleshootingprocesses
  • • Design change log tracking

Designing the Eloqua Architecture for a Fortune 500 Enterprise

Challenges addressed

  • • Establishing smoother navigation andinteraction with the install
  • • Real-time sales cycle synchronization
  • • Establishing interconnectivity of data sources
  • • Achieving better transparency and visibility
  • • Implementing a properly structured system

Optimizing Eloqua Campaign Configuration for a Global Tech Giant

Challenges addressed

  • • Lack of campaigns focus on business priorities
  • • Too many meeting participants, too many emailrecipients
  • • Blended business and technical requirements
  • • Undocumented processes for intake,configuration and reporting
  • • Lack of systems and tools for cross-teamcapacity planning

Data Restructuring for Enterprise Lead Generation Enhancement

Challenges addressed

  • • Inefficient usage of available fields
  • • Unconventional naming procedures, lack of datastructure
  • • An unoptimized approach for data gathering
  • • Crucial data missing for lead generation
  • • Diminishing system errors

Providing Data Fuel for Enterprise Decision-Making Engines

Challenges addressed

  • • The complexity of large-scale reporting
  • • Generic, untailored reporting solutions
  • • Scattered, disorganized data and data sources
  • • 3rd party dependencies on informationprovision
  • • Poorly visualized, overly-simplified orirrelevant data

Reducing the Email Bounceback Rate in Oracle Eloqua

Challenges addressed

  • • Assessing and preventing impact to the senderIP reputation
  • • Reducing email deliverability issues to lessthan 3%
  • • Generating less email fatigue among contacts
  • • Successfully delivering more emails tocustomer inboxes
  • • IP delisting and further deliverabilityimprovements

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