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Gain extra Insight from your Eloqua Visitor table

Eloqua Consulting

Claudia Danaila

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Gain extra Insight from your Eloqua Visitor table illustration

Gain extra Insight from your Eloqua Visitor table 

How quickly could a comprehensive Eloqua Insight dashboard be drawn up to depict a full picture of the most recent, best-performing content and our users’ preferences? Which reports should be included in a weekly overview and how could we use this information to make solid decisions? 

In this article, we dive into a set of Eloqua Visitor reports that showcase digital marketing performance. Making use of the Web Visit Analysis and Webpage Activity subject areas, we can access important information about our website visitors, enabling us to devise custom-tailored strategies. 

The Company Name from IP Address feature unlocks vital data. 

Together with other valuable reports, a weekly performance dashboard may highlight the most popular pages, the leading sources of traffic, or engagement. In correlation, these not only distinguish best-performing content but also determine the newest most engaged accounts, helping us make real-time decisions and adapt our personalized strategies. 

In the context of data-driven marketing operations, hyper-customization, and strategic Account-Based Marketing, this information is paramount. 

Below we include a few reports that we swiftly create from an Eloqua Insight dashboard to obtain more details about web visitors. 

1. Top 10 Companies by New Visitors

Top 10 Companies by New Visitors Report in Eloqua

This report shows a great use of the Company from IP attribute.

The insights display the IP-associated company name along with the URL of the pages visited, and the number of new visitors for each page.

This type of report is especially useful for marketers to determine which pages generated the most traffic from new website visitors, while simultaneously mapping these users to their corresponding accounts.

It’s worth noting that the Company from IP attribute can also return Company Names that had not previously existed in the Eloqua Account database, aiding database enrichment processes.

In addition to this feature, numerous reports add value.

2. Page Views and Average Page Time

Page Views & Average Page Time report in Eloqua

The Page Views & Average Page Time report helps identify most popular webpages based on the total number of views and the average time spent on each page.

As the report takes both traffic and engagement metrics into account, it offers a high-level view of best-performing webpages.

3. Total Visitors by Source Type

Total Visitors by source chart from Oracle Eloqua

When looking at the Total Visitors by Source, we distinguish the sources of web traffic that generated most views, helping to determine the performance of multiple marketing efforts.

4. Top 5 Web Browsers by Total Visitors

Top 5 web browsers by total visitors chart from Oracle Eloqua

The Top Browsers by Visitors report takes the last reporting days into account to show the leading 5 browsers mostly used to navigate through our webpages, by number of visits corresponding to each of them.

5. New Visitors from Social Media 

New visitors from Social Media chart from Oracle Eloqua

A deeper dive into Social Media visitor analytics can highlight the most performant platforms, showing the total number of new visitors by social media network.

Final thoughts

By using these types of reports, Eloqua marketers can gain a better understanding of their visitors, adapting strategies in real-time and focusing efforts on performant marketing operations.

Enabling us to identify the associated company names for users visiting our web, beside the pages they are most interested in and their preferred browser choice, the Company from IP attribute opens the road to Account-Based Marketing. On top of this, many reports add value, helping us make data-driven decisions.

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