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From Chaos to Consistency: Leveraging Marketo Snippets

Eloqua Consulting

Razvan Luciu

10 mins read

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, where every interaction with a potential customer is an opportunity, efficiency and personalization are paramount.

As content undergoes constant evolution, frequent updates become imperative. Introducing Marketo snippets – a revolutionary feature reshaping content management in marketing campaigns.

In this article, we'll deep dive into the world of Marketo snippets, exploring how these dynamic content blocks are empowering marketers just like you to create, manage, and deploy content with unprecedented ease and precision.

With the ability to guarantee consistency, simplify updates, and inject a personalized touch, Marketo snippets stand as a transformative tool reshaping how marketers manage their content.

What are Marketo Snippets

Marketo snippets are like puzzle pieces that marketers can craft in advance, whether it's text, HTML, or images, and then seamlessly drop them into emails, landing pages, forms, or any other marketing materials with ease.

Snippets are the superheroes of marketing—they swoop in to rescue you from the repetitive grunt work. Instead of sweating over recreating the same content for every campaign, marketers can use these snippets to save time and effort.

Think about the info you've got plastered all over your website and emails – like contact details or social media links. It needs to stay consistent but updating it everywhere can be a hassle. Or consider the scenario of a company logo. Utilizing it as a snippet simplifies the update process – just a single tweak within the snippet propagates the change universally.

Benefits of Using Marketo Snippets

Marketo snippets offer several benefits for marketers looking to streamline their processes and improve efficiency in their campaigns:

  • Consistency

Snippets ensure consistency in messaging across various channels and campaigns. By using predefined content blocks, marketers can maintain a uniform brand voice and messaging tone.

  • Time-saving

With snippets, marketers can create reusable content blocks for common elements such as headers, footers, disclaimers, or product descriptions. This saves time by eliminating the need to recreate these elements manually for each campaign.

  • Personalization

Snippets can be dynamically personalized based on user data or segmentation criteria. Marketers can create variations of snippets tailored to different audience segments, increasing relevance and engagement.

Where To Use Snippets

Snippets come in handy when you want to manage updates efficiently and make variations easily.

An initial step involves establishing a centralized repository detailing where content uniformity is essential. Start by analyzing and deciding upfront if certain parts of your email or website need to stay the same across different areas, and if they're used in lots of different places, then using snippets makes sense. For example, you could make a list of sections that need the same content depending on the channel you're using.

Keep these points in mind when using snippets for your next campaign:

  • Snippets are great for standardizing blocks of content, like contact info (e.g. email signatures) or social media links.
  • You can easily swap out these standardized contents with different versions, such as different contact info, executive bios, or branding elements.
  • They're perfect for replacing text or graphics that might change often or occasionally.

Real-Life Scenario #1: Snippets In Email Footers

Let's dive into a clever tactic: leveraging snippets for your email footers. By converting email footers into snippets, you're streamlining your workflow like a pro.

Picture this: you've got footer snippets customized for various languages. Instead of drowning in updates for hundreds of nurture campaign emails, you just tweak a handful of snippets. Let's say you're communicating in 10 languages, totaling 100 active nurture emails.

With snippets, you only need to make changes in 10 places instead of 100.

Leveraging Snippets for your email footers

Real-Life Scenario #2: In A Weekly Offer Email Section

Here's the deal: when offers are time-limited and need swapping out once they expire, it's a clear call for action. If this scenario is a recurring theme across multiple emails sent consistently to your audience (like nurture campaigns), then it's a no-brainer to opt for snippets. It's the same smart move we discussed earlier: instead of tinkering with loads of emails, you're just tweaking a handful of snippets.

Use of Snippets for recurring themes across multiple emails.

How To Create Snippets

Once you've segmented your audience, the next move is to craft snippets within Marketo's Design Studio and seamlessly integrate them into your email marketing materials.

Marketo Design StudioNew Snippet Creation Model

How To Add Snippets to An Email

Keep in mind that the snippet should consist of HTML+TEXT for the body content. Marketo email syntaxes cannot be directly integrated into emails.

Adding Snippets to an email

Final Thoughts

Snippets have revolutionized email marketing automation in Marketo. Not only do they reduce the burden on marketers who previously made manual changes across websites and Marketo templates, but they also enable the delivery of content tailored to consumer preferences and behavior.

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These resources are packed with invaluable insights and practical tips to help you unlock the full potential of dynamic content in your marketing campaigns.

Don't hesitate to reach out to our team of marketing automation experts if you need extra help!

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